Start-up Operation of Modular Multilevel Converter with Flying Capacitor Sub modules - 2017


The three-level flying capacitor (3L-FC) submodule significantly reduces the magnitude of circulating currents, voltage ripple, and footprint size and improves the efficiency of the modular multilevel converter (MMC). Because of the above benefits, the 3L-FC submodule becomes another for the traditional 0.5-bridge submodule in the MMC. Each 3L-FC submodule consists of 2 floating capacitors with completely different nominal voltage rating. The precharging of floating capacitors while not inrush current is one of the main challenges within the 3L-FC-primarily based MMC. This paper proposes a sequence of style steps to precharge the floating capacitors within the 3L-FC-based MMC. The proposed approach is extremely effective to charge the outer and inner capacitors of each 3L-FC submodule to their nominal value. The superiority of the proposed approach is verified through the MATLAB simulations and dSPACE/DS1103 experiments on a laboratory prototype of the 3L-FC-based mostly MMC.

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