Powering Wearable Sensors with a Low-Power CMOS Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting Circuit - 2017


Piezoelectric vibration primarily based energy harvesters are widely researched as powering modules for numerous types of sensor systems due to their easy integration and high energy density. A variety of piezoelectric transducer based topologies have been reported in literature. During this paper a piezoelectric transducer in parallel with a switch along with a low-power CMOS full-bridge rectifier is presented as a resolution for economical energy harvesting system for potential application in medical electronics. It consists of two NMOS and 2 PMOS devices comprising a full-bridge rectifier let alone a PMOS device driven by a comparator based switch management circuit. With a load of 45KO, the output rectifier and therefore the input piezoelectric transducer voltages are 694mV and 703mV, respectably, whereas the V OUT versus V IN conversion ratio is 98.7p.c with an influence potency of 46p.c. The proposed energy harvesting circuit has been designed using a 0.13µm standard CMOS method.

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