IDGCP Image Dehazing Based on Gamma Correction Prior


Our approach of image dehazing, referred to as IDGCP, is made possible by the use of an innovative and effective image prior, referred to as gamma correction prior (GCP). The proposed IDGCP procedure is as follows. It begins by preprocessing a hazy image using the proposed GCP, which results in a homogeneous virtual transformation of the hazy image. Then, based on air scattering theory, the depth ratio is calculated from the original hazy image and its virtual transformation. Last but not least, the scene's albedo is recovered using a "global-wise" technique and a vision indication. A "global-wise" approach to dehazing, IDGCP just needs to determine one unknown constant without any refinement procedure, resulting in greatly decreased processing time and computing cost over other dehazing methods. Each phase of IDGCP is evaluated experimentally to ensure its long-term viability. It is also shown that IDGCP is superior to other current state-of-the-art technologies in terms of both restoration quality and implementation efficiency when applied to demanding photos.

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