A Framework of Reversible Color to Grayscale Conversion With Watermarking Feature


In order to preserve the original colour image, reversible color-to-grayscale conversion (RCGC) is used to encode the chromatic information of a full colour image into its grayscale equivalent. The integrity of an information-embedded image must be ensured in practical applications by providing a way to validate it. The existing RCGC algorithms, on the other hand, don't account for it at all. A vector quantization-based (VQ-based) RCGC technique recently described by us is used to address this problem in this paper. It is possible to use the same technology to embed both colour information and watermarks into a grayscale image, which reduces the complexity and increases efficiency. VQ-based RCGC algorithms, like the proposed one, rely heavily on the palette they employ. Color-embedded grayscale images and colour images reconstructed from these images can both benefit from a palette generation technique proposed in this research, which aids the information embedding process.

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