A New Polyphase Down-Sampling-Based Multiple Description Image Coding


In the case of error-prone transmissions over several channels, MDC is an efficient source coding approach. This work focuses on the design of a new polyphase down-sampling based MDC for image signals (NPDS-MDC). Encoding the NPDS-MDC is broken down into three stages. Each NxN image block is down-sampled using the quincunx downsampling pattern. A novel transform is proposed and applied to the down-sampled pixels to generate the side descriptions. In the third step, we create an error compensation technique to mitigate the compression distortion that occurs on the down-sampled pixels. Following image interpolation with reference to the compressed pixels, we do side decoding. By interlacing the side descriptions, the centre decoding is achieved. A compression-constrained central deblocking technique is also proposed to further enhance the central decoding efficiency. According to the results of an experimental study, our suggested MDC scheme outperforms existing approaches for various types of images at high data rates.

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