Transition of Visual Attention Assessment in Stereoscopic Images With Evaluation of Subjective Visual Quality and Discomfort


Through statistical analysis of the behaviors of human visual attention, we discovered that fixation behaviors are highly correlated with the degree to which the viewer experiences visual quality/discomfort with stereoscopic pictures. To quantify the correlation between visual attention and quality/discomfort with respect to numerous distortions and disparities, we have a tendency to explore a completely unique methodology referred to as transition of visual attention (ToVA) that accounts for diverse low-level luminance, chrominance, and depth attributes of 3D pictures in eye-tracker experiments. Moreover, saliency entropy is outlined in order to quantify the distribution of fixations for 3D pictures. Using saliency entropy, we have a tendency to interpret perceptual factors in accordance with the non-uniform resolution of the human eye and also the stereoscopic limits caused by foveation and Panum’s fusional space. We then live ToVA in terms of relative saliency entropy using Kullback-Leibler divergence. To evaluate the effectiveness of ToVA, a successful example application is also provided for that ToVA is applied to get subjective measurements of the standard and discomfort experienced when viewing 3D displays, rather than wishing on standard subjective tests employing a scoring system.

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