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Offloading in Mobile Cloudlet Systems with Intermittent Connectivity

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Offloading in Mobile Cloudlet Systems with Intermittent Connectivity


The emergence of mobile cloud computing permits mobile users to offload applications to nearby mobile resource-rich devices (i.e., cloudlets) to cut back energy consumption and improve performance. However, because of mobility and cloudlet capacity, the connections between a mobile user and mobile cloudlets will be intermittent. As a result, offloading actions taken by the mobile user may fail (e.g., the user moves out of communication range of cloudlets). In this paper, we have a tendency to develop an optimal offloading algorithm for the mobile user in such an intermittently connected cloudlet system, considering the users’ local load and availability of cloudlets. We have a tendency to examine users’ mobility patterns and cloudlets’ admission management, and derive the probability of successful offloading actions analytically. We have a tendency to formulate and solve a Markov call method (MDP) model to get an optimal policy for the mobile user with the objective to attenuate the computation and offloading costs. Furthermore, we prove that the optimal policy of the MDP encompasses a threshold structure. Subsequently, we introduce a quick algorithm for energy-constrained users to create offloading decisions. The numerical results show that the analytical kind of the successful offloading probability may be a good estimation in numerous mobility cases. Furthermore, the proposed MDP offloading algorithm for mobile users outperforms typical baseline schemes.

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Offloading in Mobile Cloudlet Systems with Intermittent Connectivity - 4.8 out of 5 based on 72 votes

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