High-Throughput Trellis Processor for Multistandard FEC Decoding


Trellis codes, together with Low-Density Parity-Check (LDPC), turbo, and convolutional code (CC), are widely adopted in advanced wireless standards to offer high-throughput forward error correction (FEC). Planning a multistandard FEC decoder is of nice challenge. In this paper, a trellis application specified instruction-set processor (TASIP) is presented for multistandard trellis decoding. A unified forward–backward recursion kernel with an eight-state parallel trellis structure is proposed. Based mostly on the kernel, a datapath for multialgorithm and a shared memory subsystem are introduced. The flexibility and the compatibility are guaranteed by a programmable decoding flow and the trellis decoding instruction set. Synthesis results show that the realm consumption is (65 nm). TASIP provides trimode FEC decoding ability with the throughput of 533, 186, and 225 Mb/s for LDPC, turbo, and 64 states CC underneath the clock frequency of 200 MHz, that outperforms different trimode proposals both in area efficiency and recursion potency. TASIP provides high-throughput decoding for current standards, including 3rd Generation Partnership Project-Long Term Evolution, 802.16e, and 802.11n, with unified architecture and high compatibility.

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