A 15-MHz 1-3 piezocomposite concave array transducer for ophthalmic imaging


As a result of of the spherical shape of the human eye, the anterior segments of the attention, particularly the cornea and also the lens, produce high levels of refraction and reflection of ultrasound that negatively affect the performance of linear and convex arrays. To reduce the ultrasound energy loss, a fifteen-MHz concave array transducer was designed, fabricated, and characterised; its footprint is ready to mesh well with the shape of the cornea. The concave array includes a curvature with a radius of 15 mm and 128 parts with a one.forty fourλ pitch. Its elevational focus and read angle are 30 mm and 72.3degrees, respectively, thus allowing the imaging area to hide the retinal region of interest in the posterior segment. As an energetic layer, a one???three piezocomposite was designed and fabricated in response to the bidirectional (i.e., azimuthal and elevational) curvature of the concave array and the high coupling coefficient. From the performance analysis, it had been found that the completed concave array is ready to supply a center frequency of 15.ninety five MHz and a -vi-dB fractional bandwidth of 67.8percent after electrical tuning has been conducted. The crosstalk level was measured to be but ???25dB. It was verified that the concave array is strong to the refraction and reflection from the cornea through pulse???echo testing employing a custom-created eye-mimicking phantom. Furthermore, pictures of both the wire-target phantom and the ex vivo porcine eye were acquired by the finished concave array, which was connected to a commercial ultrasound scanner equipped with a research package. The analysis results demonstrated that the developed concave array transducer may be a possible various to standard arrays for effectively imaging the posterior section of the eye.

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