High-Performance InAlN/GaN MOSHEMTs Enabled by Atomic Layer Epitaxy MgCaO as Gate Dielectric


We have a tendency to have demonstrated high-performance InAlN/ GaN MOS high-electron-mobility-transistors (MOSHEMTs) with varied channel lengths ( $L_mathrm ch$ ) of eighty five–250 nm using atomic-layer-epitaxy (ALE) crystalline Mg0.25Ca0.75O as gate dielectric. With a nearly lattice matched epitaxial oxide, the interface between oxide and barrier is improved. The gate leakage current of MOSHEMT is reduced by six orders of magnitude compared with HEMT. An OFF-state leakage current of $3times ten^-13$ A/mm, ON/OFF ratio of $4times ten^12$ , nearly ideal subthreshold swing of 62 mV/decade, low drain current noise with Hooge parameter of $ten^-4$ , and negligible current collapse and hysteresis are realized. The 85-nm $L_mathrm ch$ MOSHEMT additionally exhibits sensible ON-state performance with $I_dmathrm max=a pair of.25$ A/mm, $R_mathrmscriptscriptstyle ON=1.three~Omega cdot textrm mm$ , and $g_mathrm max=475$ mS/mm, showing that ALE MgCaO is a promising gate dielectric for GaN device applications.

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