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Improved geometry of the vacuum-insulator-anode triple junction

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Improved geometry of the vacuum-insulator-anode triple junction


We tend to propose a model of a traveling wave ultrasonic motor that has the elliptical motion amplitudes of the stator and verify this model experimentally using a high-speed camera with a high-power lens (i.e., a high-speed microscope). This approach makes it straightforward to estimate the motor characteristics, like the rotational speed and torque. In this paper, we tend to build a mechanical model of the stator and rotor that includes the elliptical motion amplitudes. The elliptical motion of a few microns at ultrasonic frequencies is captured and measured by the high-speed microscope. When modeling parameters are determined from the observed vibration amplitudes, the model can predict the motor characteristics. We study how the observed elliptical motion is connected to the motor output by varying the frequency of applied voltages, and verify the proposed model by comparison with the experimental results.

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Improved geometry of the vacuum-insulator-anode triple junction - 4.7 out of 5 based on 68 votes

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