Security and privacy in cloud-assisted wireless wearable communications: Challenges, solutions, and future directions


Cloud-assisted wireless wearable communications are increasingly pervasive with the profound development of sensor, wireless communication, and cloud computing technologies, additionally to the wide adoption of e-health, location-based mostly service, and mobile good communities. In this article we tend to mainly focus on the goals and tactics of privacy-preserving knowledge aggregation in cloud-assisted wireless wearable communications. With respect to the distinctive security and privacy necessities and the potency consideration for resource-constrained wearable devices, we have a tendency to identify the inappropriateness of secure multiparty computation and totally homomorphic encryption and offer new generalized solutions to tackle the difficult issue of efficient privacy-preserving information aggregation and outsourced computation in wireless wearable communications. Last but not least, a series of interesting open problems are instructed along with potential solutions to solid light-weight on the research during this rising area.

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