New Blockchain Based Special Keys Security Model with Path Compression Algorithm for Big Data


In recent years, following the introduction of the IoT (Internet of Things) into our lives and thanks to the rapidly increasing number of digital applications, data has been collected from a wide variety of sources at an astounding rate, and the amount of data is increasing exponentially. This has resulted in an exponential growth in the amount of data. The ability to collect massive amounts of data is made possible in today's world by technologies such as social networks, Cloud Computing, and data analytics. As a result, a new concept known as "Big Data" has surfaced, and it is currently a hot topic in a variety of fields. However, not only is it extremely challenging to store large amounts of data and perform analysis on it, but doing so also poses a significant risk to the confidentiality of an individual's private information. A new security model that is based on Blockchain technology is proposed as a potential solution to the problems that have been identified regarding the privacy and security of Big Data. The Blockchain-based Special Key Security Model is the working title for this prospective framework (BSKM). The three pillars of information security for Big Data, namely confidentiality, integrity, and availability, are brought together by BSKM's proposals, implementations, and integrations. When using this model's proposed structure, all operations (read, write, update, and delete) carried out on a database containing actual data are able to make use of a framework that is more functional and adaptable. In this investigation that was carried out with a unique key, all individual Blockchain transactions were utilized for read, write, update, and delete operations. Additionally, there was a structure that could simultaneously guarantee both the integrity and confidentiality of the data. It has been shown, through the examination of a unique key for all of the Blockchain transaction operations carried out on the Big Data, what kind of authorization and access control can be established between which processes and which users. Therefore, in contrast to earlier studies that can be found in published literature, the confidentiality, integrity, and consistency of the data were ensured for all transactions. An experimental investigation into the use of the proposed BSKM model was also carried out, and the results of that investigation have also been compared. In addition, the efficacy of the path compression algorithm as well as its benefits have been demonstrated by this research. This result has been demonstrated through the use of experimental studies that model large amounts of data, and it also demonstrates promise for further research.

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