Performance Analysis of Network Coding With Virtual Overhearing in Wireless Networks


Because of the broadcast nature of wireless channels, overhearing plays an important role in interflow network coding in that it serves as a manner to accumulate the facet info for the decoding of network-coded packets. Since overhearing solely takes impact in the one-hop neighborhood of nodes, it, in flip, restricts the identification of network coding opportunities. That's, if the aspect info for packet decoding can not be overheard, no coding opportunity will be identified. Hence, in this paper, we have a tendency to aim to relax such a restriction to additional explore network coding opportunities. Specifically, we tend to propose a virtual overhearing (VOH) technique to enable network coding when the aspect info can not be obtained from traditional overhearing previously mentioned. VOH allows a node to obtain a packet sent by another node that may be 2 or a lot of hops away. Consequently, VOH will function a supplementary way for aspect information acquirement, thus still enabling network coding between network flows when traditional overhearing is not possible to get the needed aspect data. The additional coding opportunities brought by VOH can be translated into further performance gains. We first analyze network coding with VOH in a simple topology and show that with VOH, network capacity may be improved by over 12% (in some situations, network throughput might be improved by 50%). Then, we have a tendency to conduct simulations in NS-2 to show the advantage of VOH.

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