A thermal margin preservation scheme for interactive multimedia consumer electronics


The heterogeneous multicore design is taken into account a cogent solution to match the performance demand for processing the subsequent-generation media formats such as ultra-high definition, 3D or holography. However, the performance cores in an exceedingly heterogeneous multicore processor dissipate an enormous amount of warmth. To cope with the thermal risk, most modern embedded processors offer the dynamic thermal management (DTM) feature that forcefully reduces the clock speed of the processors. Although this easy approach will maintain the system temperature below the thermal trip purpose, the performance of prioritized multimedia or interactive applications will be significantly harmed by the reduced performance even when the thermal crisis is caused largely by the non-prioritized applications. This paper proposes a completely unique DTM theme referred to as Thermal Margin Preservation (TMP). TMP differentiates the thermal trip purpose for the prioritized applications from that for the nonprioritized ones, and thus forms the thermal margin, that is the temperature gap between the 2 trip points. Beneath the proposed scheme, the prioritized applications will run without any disturbance in the thermal margin by sacrificing the performance solely of the non-prioritized applications. The analysis shows that the proposed theme significantly reduces the standard-of-service degradation for video playback beneath warmth conditions.

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