Security Constrained Unit Commitment With Dynamic Thermal Line Rating


The mixing of the dynamic line rating (DLR) of overhead transmission lines (OTLs) in Power Systems security constrained unit commitment (SCUC) doubtless enhances the overall system security as well as its technical/economic performances. This paper proposes a scalable and computationally efficient approach aimed toward integrating the DLR in SCUC downside. The paper analyzes the case of the SCUC with AC load flow constraints. The AC-optimal power flow (AC-OPF) is linearized and incorporated into the problem. The proposed multi-period formulation takes into account a realistic model to represent the different terms showing in the warmth-Balance Equation (HBE) of the OTL conductors. In order to incorporate the HBE within the OPF, a relaxation is proposed for the heat gain associated to resistive losses whereas the inclusion of linear approximations are investigated for both convection and radiation heat losses. A decomposition process counting on the Benders decomposition is used in order to breakdown the matter and incorporate a set of contingencies representing both generators and line outages. The effects of various linearization, plus time step discretization of HBE, are investigated. The scalability of the proposed methodology is verified using IEEE 118-bus test system.

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