Constant Velocity High Force Microactuator for Stick-Slip Testing of Micromachined Interfaces


A chevron thermal actuator has been implemented as a constant velocity puller in a multiasperity frictional test platform. This platform enables a large variation of puller velocity (one– $310zero~mu textm$ /s, three.5 decades), normal load (2– $450zero~mu textN$ , three.four decades), and spring constant (0.06– $a hundred~mu textN/mu textm$ , 3.a pair of decades). These characteristics are achieved by leveraging the actuator thermal time constant, which is long compared with the mechanical time constant, in combination with iterative learning management. Smart thermal isolation between the actuator and also the friction block is achieved by shunting heat to the substrate. Uncoated and FOTAS [tridecafluorotris(dimethylamino)silane, CF3(CF2)5(CH2)2Si(N(CH3)two)3]-coated devices were tested, and traditional load induced a transition from steady sliding to stick-slip. This platform might have several important uses for mapping microscale kinetic friction part diagrams, together with determining the stick-slip to steady sliding bifurcation line, performing begin-stop tests and instantaneous velocity modification tests, and inferring information on wear performance of coatings as a perform of load and velocity. [2015-0123]

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