Torque, Power, Losses, and Heat Calculation of a Transverse Flux Reluctance Machine With Soft Magnetic Composite Materials and Disk-Shaped Rotor


During this paper, the authors introduce a kind of transverse flux reluctance machines. These machines work while not permanent magnets or electrical rotor excitation and hold many benefits, as well as a high power density, high torque, and compact style. Disadvantages are a high elementary frequency and a high torque ripple that complicates the control of the motor. The device uses soft magnetic composites (SMCs) for the magnetic circuit, which allows complicated stator geometries with three-D magnetic flux ways. The winding is created from hollow copper tubes, which conjointly type the most heat sink of the machine by using water as an instantaneous copper coolant. Models regarding the design and computation of the magnetic circuit, torque, and the ability output are described. A crucial purpose in this paper is the determination of hysteresis and eddy-current losses in the SMC and the calculation of power losses and current displacement within the copper winding. These are calculated with models utilizing a mixture of analytic approaches and finite-component methodology simulations. Finally, a thermal model based mostly on lumped parameters is introduced, and calculated temperature rises are presented.

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