Delay Skew Packet Flow Control in Wireless Systems With Dual Connectivity - 2018


The paper presents a new knowledge flow controller for use in 4G and 5G wireless applications where the incoming internet data flow is split in support of multipoint downlink wireless transmission. The different methods of the data from the node of the split to the wireless transmission nodes and on to the mobile may then lead to totally different travel times. The mobile can deal with tiny values of this delay skew by suggests that of buffers and reordering protocols. The management objective is therefore to keep the delay skew at intervals a prespecified interval of time, when the packets arrive within the mobile. The proposed algorithm solves the problem by cascade control. The packet dwell time of every wireless transmission node data queue is controlled by an inner loop, with the reference dwell times being determined by an outer delay skew management loop. The delay skew management loop exploits a deadzone to attain interval control. In a very additional contribution the L 2 -stability of the controller is analyzed for the dual connectivity functionality of the coming 5G cellular network deployment. A combined use of the input-output Nyquist- and Popov-criteria is needed for the analysis. The performance is also evaluated by a laboratory testbed implementation.

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