Decentralized Relay Selection in Multi-User Multihop Decode-and-Forward Relay Networks - 2018


This Project analyzes the performance of a multi-user multihop relay network employing a low complexity decentralized relay selection (DRS) theme for decode-and-forward cooperative networks. We have a tendency to carry out a rigorous diversity order analysis, with Nakagami-m fading and pathloss and show that the DRS theme achieves full diversity while maintaining a complexity that is quadratic in the number of users, quadratic in the quantity of relays and independent of the amount of hops. For a special case of 2-user networks we have a tendency to derive actual closed-form expressions for the outage chance by considering the order statistics. Furthermore, we have a tendency to extend our analysis to think about interfering relay networks and derive an correct lower bound on the outage of an arbitrary network user. Based on the lower sure we have a tendency to additionally show how the outage chance saturates within the high signal-to-interference-and-noise ratio regime. Intensive numerical examples are used to illustrate the accuracy of the analysis and to highlight the use of the DRS theme in multi-user multihop relay networks.

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