Stable Throughput and Delay Analysis of a Random Access Network With Queue-Aware Transmission - 2018


In this Project, we tend to contemplate a 2-user and a 3-user slotted ALOHA network with multi-packet reception (MPR) capabilities and a queue-aware transmission management. During this setting, the nodes will adapt their transmission chances and their transmission parameters primarily based on the standing of the opposite nodes. Each user has external bursty arrivals that are stored in their infinite capacity queues. We concentrate on the elemental downside of characterizing the stable throughput region, and of investigating the queueing delay. For the 2- and also the 3-user cases, we acquire the precise stability region, whereas in the previous case, we tend to conjointly offer the conditions below which the stability region may be a convex set. We have a tendency to perform an in depth mathematical analysis to study the queueing delay in the two-user case by formulating 2 boundary worth problems, the solution of which provides the generating function of the joint stationary likelihood distribution of the queue size at user nodes. Furthermore, for the two-user symmetric case with MPR, we obtain a lower and an higher certain for the common delay without the requirement of solving a boundary price downside. Furthermore, we tend to offer a closed kind expression for the gap between the lower and the upper certain. The bounds as it is seen in the numerical results appear to be tight. Express expressions for the average delay are obtained for the symmetrical model with capture impact. We also give a closed type expression for the optimal transmission probability that minimizes the common delay within the symmetric capture case. Finally, we have a tendency to evaluate numerically the presented theoretical results.

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