Distributed Ledger Technology Based Architecture for Decentralized Device-to-Device Communication Network


Communication from one mobile device to another mobile device, also known as device-to-device or D2D Communication, is a promising fifth-generation (5G) technology that can improve the efficiency of message transmission for group Communication in dynamic environments. In addition, all applications for Vehicle Ad Hoc Networks (VANET) are considered to be current services provided by an ad hoc network. D2D Communication has been implemented in ad hoc environments for the purpose of lowering the amount of latency that occurs during vehicle conversations. Examples of this include autonomous vehicle solutions and drone fleet management for cellular vehicle-to-everything (C-V2X) modules and Internet of Drones (IoDs) networks. Nevertheless, there is a pressing need for a Communication system that is both safe and efficient for groups. We propose a dynamic group management solution that is based on the technology of distributed ledgers as a means of resolving these issues. This study demonstrates that a hierarchical architecture for dynamic group management that is based on distributed ledgers is faster and more adaptable without compromising performance or security. In addition, the method that has been proposed can make it easier to transfer data regarding direct Communication without the use of a centralized database, thereby lowering the likelihood that there will be a single point of failure. In addition, the research was validated by a third party, which worked in close collaboration with Taiwan's world-leading automotive electronics manufacturers.

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