Basis Function Selection of Frequency-Domain Hammerstein Self-Interference Canceller for In-Band Full-Duplex Wireless Communications - 2018


This Project presents a basis function selection technique of a frequency-domain Hammerstein digital self-interference canceller for in-band full-duplex Communications. The facility spectral density (PSD) of the nonlinear self-interference signal is theoretically analyzed well, and a nonlinear self-interference PSD estimation method is developed. The proposed choice technique decides on the basis functions necessary for cancellation and relaxes the computational price of the frequency-domain Hammerstein canceller based mostly on the estimated PSD of the self-interference of every basis operate. Furthermore, the convergence performance of the canceller is improved by the proposed choice technique. Simulation results are then presented, showing that the proposed technique can achieve similar cancellation performance compared with the initial frequency-domain Hammerstein canceller and a time-domain nonlinear canceller. Also, it is shown that the proposed technique improves the computational price and the convergence performance of the initial frequency-domain Hammerstein canceller.

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