Solving Scattering From Multiple Bodies of Revolution by Modal Characteristic Basis Function Method With Sparse Matrix Technique


Modal Characteristic Basis Operate methodology for bodies of revolution (BoR-CBFM) could be a fast solver for scattering from multiple BoRs. By using of BoR-CBFM, the modal characteristic basis functions (MCBFs) are constructed, and the dimensions of impedance matrix is greatly reduced. However, the matrix filling, especially the filling of mutual-interaction matrix, remains a huge burden for numerical computation. To more enhance the potency of BoR-CBFM and reduce the cost of matrix filling, we present a sparse technique for BoR-CBFM. Through this method, those weak parts in mutual-interaction matrix that contribute little to the linear system are neglected, and a sparse impedance matrix is achieved. Hence, this technique results in a discount on the price of matrix filling. Numerical results are presented to prove the potency of this method.

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