Average Secrecy Outage Rate and Average Secrecy Outage Duration of Wireless Communication Systems With Diversity Over Nakagami-m Fading Channels - 2018


This Project presents an analytical methodology for the analysis of two important physical layer security metrics in wiretap channels. Specifically, we first introduce the concept and therefore the expression of average secrecy outage rate (ASOR) to quantify the typical secrecy level crossing rate at a predefined secrecy threshold level. Then, we derive the expression of a replacement metric, namely, average secrecy outage period (ASOD), which is a measure (in seconds) that describes how long on average the system remains within the secrecy outage status. The results are quite general and account for diversity-primarily based systems operating over independent and identically distributed (i.i.d.) Nakagami-m fading channels. Monte Carlo simulations are conducted to substantiate and discuss the analytical results. These results show that the ASOR and the ASOD are primarily tormented by the range order, and the most Doppler frequency shift. In particular, and in contrast to the ASOD, the ASOR has a most worth that should be thought-about in designing systems that are sensitive to secrecy level drops, even for short periods of your time. Also, the proposed new metric of ASOD might have giant values whether or not the currently used metric of average fade period shows low values on the communication link under thought.

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