No Packet Left Behind: Avoiding Starvation in Dynamic Topologies - 2017


Backpressure schemes are known to stabilize stochastic networks through the use of congestion gradients in routing and resource allocation selections. Nonetheless, these schemes share a important downside, particularly, the delay guarantees are obtained only in terms of average values. Therefore, arbitrary packets could never reach their destination thanks to each the starvation and last-packet problems. These issues occur as a result of in backpressure schemes, packet scheduling desires a subsequent stream of packets to supply the desired congestion gradient for scheduling. To solve these problems, we tend to outline a starvation-free stability criterion that ensures a repeated evacuation of all network queues. Then, we have a tendency to introduce SF-BP, the primary backpressure routing and resource allocation algorithm that's starvation-free stable. We have a tendency to additional gift stronger per-queue service guarantees and offer tools to boost weak streams. We formally prove that our algorithm ensures that each one packets reach their destination for wide families of networks. Finally, we verify our results by extensive simulations using challenging topologies also random static and dynamic topologies.

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