Dynamically Updatable Ternary Segmented Aging Bloom Filter for OpenFlow-Compliant Low-Power Packet Processing - 2018


OpenFlow, the most protocol for software-outlined NetWorking, requires large-sized rule tables and frequent updating. For fast packet processing, rule tables are typically implemented with ternary content-addressable memory (TCAM) in the OpenFlow. To deal with TCAM power issues, many network applications use bloom filters (BFs) to reduce the redundant operations of table-lookup and for low power consumption. However, applying ancient BFs to an OpenFlow switch results in issues, like unsupported dynamic update, giant house overhead, and therefore the rule-set enlargement of ternary information. In this Project, we have a tendency to propose a dynamically updatable ternary segmented aging bloom filter (TSA-BF). The TSA-BF consists of 2 components: a segmented aging BF algorithm (SA-BF) and a ternary prefix-tagging encoder (TPE). First, in the SA-BF, we develop an automatic update scheme using the mechanisms of content-aging and buffer-segmenting. The SA-BF ages and deletes its contents automatically, so eliminating the pricey Communication overhead and enabling dynamic updating. It conjointly achieves space efficiency by the developed partial-deletion mechanism. Second, in the TPE, we encode ternary prefix-rules into uniquely decodable binary code words. The TPE prevents the rule-set expansion of ternary-data within the OpenFlow environment. Simulation results show that the SA-BF alone will save 37percent of space overhead, compared with state-of-the-art techniques. In an setting with the ternary prefix-rules, the TSA-BF can save another ninety threepercent of space overhead, compared with the most effective-performance scheme. Hence, the proposed TSA-BF is extremely suited to the necessities of emerging high-performance TCAM-based packet processing within the OpenFlow, which considers dynamic update and power efficiency.

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