Transient Community Detection and Its Application to Data Forwarding in Delay Tolerant Networks - 2017


Community detection has received considerable attention as a result of of its applications to several sensible issues in mobile networks. However, when considering temporal information associated with a community (i.e., transient community), most existing community detection methods fail because of their aggregation of contact data into one weighted or unweighted network. In this paper, we tend to propose a contact-burst-based clustering technique to detect transient communities by exploiting pairwise contact processes. During this method, we formulate each pairwise contact process as a regular appearance of contact bursts, throughout that most contacts between the pair of nodes happen. Primarily based on this formulation, we detect transient communities by clustering the pairs of nodes with similar contact bursts. Since it is tough to collect world contact data at individual nodes, we further propose a distributed method to detect transient communities. Along with transient community detection, we have a tendency to conjointly propose a replacement knowledge forwarding strategy for delay tolerant networks, in that transient communities serve as the data forwarding unit. Analysis results show that our strategy will achieve a much higher information delivery ratio than traditional community-primarily based ways with comparable network overhead.

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