Comparative Study of Nb2O5, NbLaO, and La2O3 as Gate Dielectric of InGaZnO Thin-Film Transistor


An amorphous InGaZnO skinny-film transistor with high- Nb2O5 as gate dielectric is ready for the first time, showing typical field-result characteristics with a saturation mobility of 2.three cm . By adding La within the Nb2O5 gate dielectric, the electrical performance of the device is significantly improved, because La incorporation will decrease the Nb2O5/InGaZnO interface roughness and passivate the defect states at/close to the interface. Consequently, the sample with applicable La content includes a high saturation mobility of 28 cm , an occasional threshold voltage of one.eighty four V, a small subthreshold swing of zero.seventeen V/decade, and negligible hysteresis. However, the electrical performance of the sample with pure La2O3 as gate dielectric is inferior because of the hygroscopic nature of the La2O3 film, ensuing in an exceedingly rougher gate-dielectric/InGaZnO interface.

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