Outage Minimization via Power Adaptation and Allocation in Truncated Hybrid ARQ


During this work, we analyze hybrid ARQ (HARQ) transmission over the independent block fading channel. We contemplate 2 situations with respect to the message sent by the receiver via the feedback channel: i) “standard”, one-bit feedback used to tell the transmitter about the decoding success/failure (ACK/NACK), and ii) the multi-bit feedback message, where on prime of ACK/NACK, the transmitter is supplied with extra data concerning the state of the receiver. To reduce the outage likelihood underneath long-term average and peak power constraints, we tend to cast the issues into the dynamic programming (DP) framework and solve them for Nakagami- fading channels. An approximate, closed-kind answer for the high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) regime is proposed using geometric programming (GP). The obtained results quantify the advantage of the multi-bit feedback over the traditional one-bit approach, and show that the facility optimization will give important gains over conventional power-constant HARQ transmissions even within the presence of peak-power constraints.

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