The Spatial Outage Capacity of Wireless Networks - 2018


We tend to address a fundamental question in wireless networks that, surprisingly, has not been studied before: what's the utmost density of concurrently active links that satisfy a bound outage constraint? We have a tendency to call this amount the spatial outage capacity (SOC), offer a rigorous definition, and analyze it for Poisson bipolar networks with ALOHA. Specifically, we have a tendency to provide precise analytical and approximate expressions for the density of links satisfying an outage constraint and give straightforward upper and lower bounds on the SOC. In the high-reliability regime where the target outage probability is shut to zero, we obtain an precise closed-kind expression of the SOC, which reveals the interesting and perhaps counter-intuitive result that all transmitters want to be perpetually active to attain the SOC, i.e., the transmit likelihood wants to be set to 1 to achieve the SOC.

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