Temporal Correlation of Interference and Outage in Mobile Networks over One- Dimensional Finite Regions - 2017


In apply, wireless networks are deployed over finite domains, the level of mobility is totally different at totally different locations, and user mobility is correlated over time. All these features have an impact on the temporal properties of interference which is often neglected. During this paper, we have a tendency to show how to include correlated user mobility into the interference and outage correlation models. We tend to use the random waypoint mobility model over a bounded one-dimensional domain for example model inducing correlation, and we have a tendency to calculate its displacement law at different locations. Based mostly on that, we tend to illustrate that the temporal correlations of interference and outage are indeed location-dependent, being lower shut to the centre of the domain, where the extent of mobility is higher than near the boundary. Shut to the boundary, a lot of time is additionally required to see uncorrelated interference at the receiver. Our findings suggest that an accurate description of the mobility pattern is very important, as a result of it leads to a lot of accurate understanding/modeling of interference and receiver performance.

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