Integrated Reconfigurable Converter Topology for High-Voltage Battery Systems


In series-connected battery systems, usually, separate converters for intramodule balancing bidirectional affiliation to a load and charging from an external power supply are utilized. During this paper, an integrated reconfigurable converter for high-voltage series-connected battery storage systems is proposed. The main advantage of the proposed converter is that it will be reconfigured to operate in numerous operating modes: feeding the load from the battery system, feeding the load from a backup power supply, regenerative mode, intramodule balancing mode, and charging mode. Unlike conventional systems, the proposed topology shares the semiconductor devices and an inductor among the various operating modes that makes it compact. The proposed converter exhibits redundant modes that together with a backup mode increase its reliability. Additionally, the proposed topology minimizes stress on the batteries throughout the charging/discharging cycles. A scaled down experimental prototype of the proposed converter is implemented for a five-module battery system to verify its viability and demonstrate all operating modes.

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