A time synchronization technique for coap-based home automation systems


With the advent of internet-of-things (IoT)-based home automation systems, time synchronization techniques for low power sensor modules are in high demand. The constrained application protocol (CoAP) was recently standardized for sensor networks by IETF and is turning into widely adopted for home automation systems by ETSI, OMA, and oneM2M. The network time protocol (NTP) isn't applicable to home automation systems due to its limited computing resources. This paper proposes a lightweight time synchronization algorithm for CoAP-primarily based home automation system networks. The CoAP choice field and a shim header are used to include time-stamps in the house automation system. The proposed scheme can so be applied to both IP-based and non-IP-primarily based home automation systems. In experiments with many household devices having non-IP Communication interfaces, experimental results show that the proposed technique offers an average error of 1 ms and a network overhead reduction of seventeen% compared to the best NTP service.

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