Underwater Acoustic Modems (S2CR Series) for Synchronization of Underwater Acoustic Network Clocks During Payload Data Exchange


Fashionable underwater acoustic modems, in addition to receiving and transmitting information, can measure signal propagation time and evaluate the space between the transmitter and therefore the receiver. These capabilities can be exploited to support the synchronization of underwater acoustic sensor networks, where sensing and actuation should be coordinated across multiple nodes. However, the matter of correct propagation time measurement, particularly in highly reverberant environments, and the analysis of clock skew on acoustically interacting modems are investigated rather poorly. In this paper, so, we tend to conduct an experimental analysis of stability/precision of propagation time measurements considering underwater acoustic modems communicating in reverberant environments. We tend to additionally show how modem built-in tools can offer opportunities for precise estimation of the modems clock skews. Additionally, we tend to demonstrate that payload data exchange will be used as a “snug” method for clock synchronization of underwater acoustic networks nodes. At-sea experiments are disbursed considering many modem pairs and node positions in conditions of reverberant underwater acoustic channels. These experiments have been conducted in collaboration with the NATO Centre for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE, La Spezia, Italy) that we tend to gratefully acknowledge.

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