The Use of a Modified Prony Method to Track the Broken Rotor Bar Characteristic Frequencies and Amplitudes in Three-Phase Induction Motors


The knowledge of the broken rotor bar characteristic frequencies and amplitudes contains a nice importance for all connected diagnostic strategies. The monitoring of motor faults requires a high resolution spectrum to separate completely different frequency parts. The discrete Fourier remodel (DFT) has been widely used to achieve these requirements. But, DFT can provide meaningful data solely for stationary harmonics that can not be guaranteed in real cases. Further, a long information sequence is important for DFT to get high frequency resolution. Nevertheless, the signals are time varying, and also the steady-state conditions can be lost for a very long time acquisition. As a resolution for these issues, this paper proposes an efficient time-domain technique primarily based on a changed Prony method for the estimation of the frequencies/amplitudes of broken rotor bar faults. Using this technique, the stator current is divided into short overlapped time windows, and every one is analyzed by the smallest amount squares Prony method. The proposed technique provides a linear time–frequency/amplitude representation with high frequency resolution and adjustable time resolution. It's shown that this method permits tracking the frequencies and amplitudes of the sidebands around the basic frequency component with a very high accuracy. The potency of the proposed technique is verified by simulation and experimental tests.

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