Real time identification of coherent groups for controlled islanding based on graph theory


Since phasor measurement units (PMU) were invented, there was growing interest in developing methodologies for improving monitoring, protection and control of Power Systems in real time. In this study, the authors propose a brand new methodology, primarily based on graph modelling, to identify coherent teams of generators in a very real-time fashion. The coherent groups are identified with instantaneous values measured from the system through PMUs, and the methodology desires neither setting the quantity of desired teams nor defining a threshold value since it is based on coupling factors between generators. Moreover, it's proposed a brand new technique for the.Net definition of areas for islanding when this action is needed as the latest emergency control method. The methodology assigns the non-generation buses to the previously found generators coherent teams considering three criteria: electrical distance to the group of generators, topology, and operational constraints, that are verified by mean of an optimal power flow. The methodology is tested on the IEEE thirty-nine-bus and IEEE 118-bus test systems. Results show that the real-time identification of coherent teams and therefore the definition of areas permit the development of islanding strategies with promising results.

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