Real Time Simulation of Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) utilizing RTDS and dSPACE - 2017


This paper deals with the simulation of a Dynamic Voltage Restorer (DVR) for compensating electric power grid disturbances, in order to guard sensitive loads. The DVR consists for power electronics converters (AC-DC and DC-AC converters), a serie transformer and a control system. This management system is capable of detecting the disturbances and compensating them. The complete system (grid model, DVR and sensitive load) was simulated on Real-Time Digital Simulator (RTDS), with Hardware in the Loop (HTL) on dSPACE. In RTDS, the power circuits was modeled, and already on dPSACE, the control logic was implemented. In order to investigate the DVR's dynamic behavior, simulation tests are performed, inserting disturbances with variable amplitude, characterizing a voltage sag, swell and interruption. And finally, the simulation results show a successful compensation for the disturbances inserted in grid, protecting the load.

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