Towards the Wide Spread Use of Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems in Real World Applications


Globe applications are characterised by high levels of linguistic and numerical uncertainties. Since the inception of Fuzzy Logic Systems (FLSs), they need been applied with great success to various universe applications. The overwhelming majority of FLSs thus so much are ancient sort-1 FLSs. But, kind-one FLSs cannot totally handle the high levels of uncertainties available within the vast majority of world applications. This is as a result of kind-one FLSs use crisp and precise kind-1 fuzzy sets. A kind-a pair of FLS can handle higher uncertainty levels to produce improved performance. This paper follows on [1] to indicate how sort-a pair of FLSs are beginning to search out their approach into a variety of globe applications, promising never-ending growth both in number and variety of sort-two FLS applications in the next decade.

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