Scheduling of Collaborative Sequential Compressed Sensing Over Wide Spectrum Band - 2018


The cognitive radio (CR) technology holds promise to considerably increase spectrum availability and wireless network capacity. With a lot of spectrum bands displayed for CR use, it's essential however challenging to perform efficient wideband sensing. We propose an integrated sequential wideband sensing scheduling framework that concurrently exploits sequential detection and compressed sensing (CS) techniques for more correct and lower-value spectrum sensing. Initial, to confirm a lot of timely detection while not incurring high overhead concerned in periodic recovery of CS signals, we propose good scheduling of a CS-based mostly sequential wideband detection theme to effectively detect the PU activities within the wideband of interest. Second, to more help users below severe channel conditions determine the occupied sub-channels, we tend to develop 2 collaborative ways, specifically, joint reconstruction of the signals among neighboring users and wideband sensing-map fusion. Third, to realize strong wideband sensing, we have a tendency to propose the use of anomaly detection in our framework. Intensive simulations demonstrate that our approach outperforms peer schemes significantly in terms of sensing delay, accuracy and overhead.

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