Parallel Channel Over Wide Spectrum: Modeling-, Mining-, and Matching-Based Transmission Optimization - 2018


We have a tendency to address the matching-primarily based Communication system optimization over parallel channels in wide spectrum. The dimension of the logarithm channel link gain vector can be reduced considerably underneath bound line-of-sight millimeter wave and optical wireless Communication situations. We have a tendency to design the quantization points in the reduced dimensional space and store the optimal scheduling policy corresponding to each quantization purpose. We have a tendency to first investigate the covariance of the achievable rates of the parallel channels and therefore the system outage chance. Then, we tend to formulate a system optimization framework via matching the link gains of parallel channels to the quantization points, and obtain the sufficient conditions such that the utility loss of using the quantization-based mostly answer can be sufficiently little under sufficiently little quantization distortion within the reduced dimensional area. Such sufficient conditions can be happy for sure common optimization examples. We tend to also address the matching-based Communication system design below noisy channel estimation via providing a probabilistic higher bound on the utility loss in terms of the quantization style and channel estimation pilot. It can be shown that with sufficiently massive chance the utility loss thanks to the quantization will be sufficiently small, if the quantization distortion is sufficiently tiny and also the pilot energy is sufficiently giant.

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