Challenges for Perceptual Computer Applications and How They Were Overcome


Perceptual Computing could be a methodology of Computing with Words (CWW) to assist humans in creating subjective judgments. This article introduces the Perceptual Pc (Per-C), our instantiation of Perceptual Computing. Per-C consists of three parts: encoder, CWW engine and decoder. Perceptionswordsactivate the Per-C and are the Per-C output (along with information); thus, it's doable for a person's to interact with the Per-C using just a vocabulary. The encoder transforms words into fuzzy sets and leads to a codebookwords with their associated fuzzy set models. The outputs of the encoder activate a CWW engine whose output is a number of other fuzzy sets, that are then mapped by the decoder into a recommendation (subjective judgment) with supporting knowledge. The recommendation might be in the form of a word, group of comparable words, rank or category. When the Per-C was applied to actual applications, challenges occurred that needed to be overcome. In this text we describe 3 applications (investment decision creating, social judgment creating, and distributed call creating), the challenges encountered and how they were overcome.

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