An FPGA Implementation for Solving the Large Single-Source-Shortest-Path Problem


Single supply shortest path (SSSP) is a fundamental downside in graph theory. However, the existing SSSP implementations on field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) are incapable of processing giant graphs by storing the graph and results in internal reminiscences. In this transient, we have a tendency to propose a parallel FPGA implementation to solve the SSSP downside, that springs from a variant of the “eager” Dijkstra algorithm. In order to method a massive graph problem, an extended systolic array priority queue called ExSAPQ is proposed to permit giant-scale priority queue processing. The experimental results on the complete United States road network show that our SSSP implementation on FPGA will achieve a speedup of five× over the CPU implementation and the ability consumption is only one/4 of the latter.

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