Cross-Domain Self-Authentication Based Consortium Blockchain for Autonomous Valet Parking System


A cross-domain self-authentication scheme was proposed in this paper as a solution to the "information isolated island" problem of users' identities being stored in servers and the "redundant registration problem" of users' identities for autonomous valet parking (AVP). In order to reduce the amount of work that needs to be done at the authentication center, this scheme uses a decentralized anonymous authentication method. In order to improve the effectiveness of the authentication process, users are divided into two distinct groups: inexperienced users and regular users. Regarding the first scenario, the paper investigates a self-authentication mechanism that is based on verification parameters. The user's valid personal information, as well as their pseudonym and public key, were then saved in the Blockchain of a consortium called PseIDChain as the transaction records. This allowed the data to be safely distributed to servers that are located in a variety of different domains. An efficient authentication mechanism was proposed for the latter group, which consists of regular users. This mechanism searches for users' personal information on PseIDChain using the smart contract. The security proof and simulation results demonstrate that the designed scheme offers a level of security that is significantly higher than that offered by existing schemes. When compared to traditional anonymous and batch authentication schemes, its authentication efficiency is 80.29 percent and 50.45 percent higher respectively.

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