Cloud Computing Assisted Blockchain-Enabled Internet of Things


The expression "Internet of Things" (IoT) has been receiving a lot of attention as of late. In the Internet of Things (IoT), Blockchain technology has already been implemented because it is secure, dependable, and distributed. However, due to a number of shortcomings, the Blockchain that is currently in use cannot serve as a generic platform for Internet of Things applications. The resources available to IoT nodes, particularly those related to computing and NetWorking, are severely restricted. Unfortunately, the Blockchain cannot function without them because they are required for it to solve difficult puzzles and propagate blocks. In this paper, we propose agent mining and cloud mining strategies as potential solutions to the problem outlined above, which pertains to Blockchain-enabled IoT devices. To be more specific, miners serve as mining agents for nodes that are part of the Internet of Things, offload mining tasks to servers that are part of Cloud Computing, and use NetWorking resources in a dynamic manner. In addition, in order to achieve a higher level of overall performance, the access selection of users, the allocation of computing resources, and the allocation of NetWorking resources are all recast as a joint optimization problem. In order to solve this issue, we next propose a dueling deep reinforcement learning approach. The effectiveness of our proposed strategy is demonstrated by the numerical results.

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