Compliance SSI System Property Set to Laws, Regulations, and Technical Standards


Modern information systems benefit greatly from the data provided by digital identities, which may include a person's name and age. Users are able to manage and make use of their own digital identities when interacting with online services, which is made possible by a security feature known as identity management. A self-sovereign identity system, also known as an SSI system, is an innovative identity model that makes use of Blockchain technology to encourage peer-to-peer trust in service authentication and authorization. In most cases, SSI systems adhere to a predetermined set of principles and qualities that are functionally and qualitatively related. However, we found that the current information security and privacy principles and properties of SSI systems do not comply with the laws, regulations, and technical standards. This was a surprising discovery for us. It is necessary to develop a compliance set of principles and properties in order to facilitate the implementation of SSI systems, which will in turn improve both security and privacy. In this article, we propose CSSPS, a new compliance SSI system property set that expands upon the missing security and privacy controls that are specified in applicable laws, regulations, and technical standards. These controls can be found in applicable laws, regulations, and technical standards. We used systematic comparative analysis and systematic review to identify inconsistent content from a vast collection of applicable sources, and then we utilized those findings to extend the existing capabilities of the SSI system. According to the findings of a qualitative analysis, the proposed CSSPS not only improves the consistency of security and privacy controls but is also applicable in accordance with the functionality of actual SSI systems. The proposed CSSPS makes a contribution to the implementation of the SSI system by making it easier to implement the system correctly while maintaining compliance with relevant information security and privacy sources. In addition, the CSSPS that has been proposed has the potential to indirectly improve the privacy and safety of SSI systems.

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