Blockchain-Based Intelligent Charging Station Management System Platform


The purpose of this study is to propose an intelligent electric vehicle (EV) charging station energy management system (CSMS) that is based on Blockchain technology. The system's goals are to protect the privacy of EV users, ensure the fairness of power transactions, and meet the charging demands of a large number of EVs. EV charging pile was developed to function as a local Blockchain distributed ledger node, and it works in synchronous conjunction with Blockchain systems and Blockchain distributed ledgers hosted on cloud servers. This paper integrates CSMS by means of smart contracts in order to provide users of electric vehicles with the capability to engage in power transactions and to carry out optimal charging and discharging control in real time. The distributed ledger is responsible for recording all of the data relating to the charging and discharging of electric vehicles (EVs), which helps to ensure that power transactions remain fair. Additionally, the distributed ledger prevents data from being maliciously tampered with and makes it possible for EV users to monitor the status of EVs that are participating in power transactions and dispatching. An artificial intelligence (AI) module, a centralized optimal scheduling module, and a decentralized optimal control module are the three components that make up the intelligent CSMS. Forecasting the generation of renewable energy as well as the consumption of load falls under the purview of the AI module. There is a two-layer architecture that is composed of centralized and decentralized optimal control modules. The upper layer is responsible for the optimal charging and discharging scheduling of the entire EV charging station at time intervals of 15 minutes, while the lower layer is responsible for the distributed optimal scheduling control in each EV charging pile at time intervals of five minutes. The system that is proposed in this paper has the capability of addressing the feeder congestion, real-time power supply imbalance, and grid demand imbalance that are all brought on by the increased use of electric vehicles.

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