Underwater Ultrasonic Wireless Power Transfer: A Battery-Less Platform for the Internet of Underwater Things


New maritime applications, including scientific research and business ventures, will be made possible thanks to the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT). However, because these systems are typically powered by traditional batteries, one of the primary challenges that must still be overcome is providing electricity to electronic devices that are submerged in deep water. This article presents the design of the first batteryless underwater sensor node that can be wirelessly recharged through ultrasonic waves from longer distances than are currently allowed by technologies. The ultrasonic waves can be transmitted from a greater depth. First, the construction of a submerged platform that is capable of harvesting electrical energy from ultrasonic waves is described. After that, we walk through the steps necessary to interface this system with an underwater digital Communication unit. The design of a prototype is discussed, in which the storage unit will be realized with a collection of supercapacitors. Experiments have shown that the energy that is harvested is sufficient to supply the sensor node with the power required to perform a sensing operation as well as power a modem for ultrasonic Communications. We have demonstrated this by means of the experiments. In this section, we conduct an analysis of the power transfer efficiency of the system. We demonstrate that our method, in contrast to other potential solutions, is capable of covering greater distances with a lower overall transmission power requirement. This is due to the fact that ultrasonic waves experience less attenuation when traveling through water. In the final step of this process, we conduct an experimental analysis of the system's overall operational efficiency.

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