Blockchain Power Trading and Energy Management Platform


The purpose of this research was to develop a vehicle-to-everything Blockchain power trading and energy management platform. The platform was created with the intention of enabling multi-level power transactions for electric vehicle charging stations located in or between commercial buildings. Artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, and Blockchain technology were used in the development of this platform. The platform that is being proposed takes into account transactions involving green power that take place between different microgrids, as well as bidirectional power and green power charging and discharging transactions within microgrids, demand response bidding, and vehicle-to-vehicle emergency rescue charging. This cutting-edge architecture runs smart contracts and distributed ledgers independently; uses smart contracts to manage the bidding, matching, and settlement of the power trading platform; and simultaneously employs cloud and local distributed ledger nodes to chain the detailed real-time transaction information and power data on the ledger. Smart contracts are used to handle bidding, matching, and settlement of the platform. In this way, the integrity of the data can be maintained, and it will also be possible to process a substantial amount of chaining information while simultaneously reducing the amount of time required for the chaining process. In addition, the artificial intelligence of things allows the Communication protocols to be incorporated into the system. A proposal is made for an energy management system (EMS), which has the ability to perform optimal scheduling of charging and discharging according to the results of power transaction matching, and which can also control charging piles and energy storage system devices. It has the potential to bring down the operating costs of microgrids in commercial buildings, raise the efficiency of the utilization of renewable power sources, and cut down on power loss. To achieve a supply and demand equilibrium of regional microgrids in real time with this system, power transactions are carried out automatically and simultaneously in the EMS.

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