Blockchain-Based Traceability for the Fishery Supply Chain


When it comes to managing the products that are part of the fishery supply chain, effective traceability management is required. Any oversight in the process of tracing products can lead to food fraud, which in turn can have an adverse effect on the health of the consumer. Monitoring and tracking the operations of the fishery supply chain can help stakeholders in the system identify the origins and causes of fraudulent product practices and other types of malpractice. The majority of the currently available systems and technologies that are used to manage the processes involved in the fishery supply chain do not provide adequate levels of traceability, accountability, transparency, reliability, trust, privacy, or security. In this paper, we propose a solution that is based on a private Ethereum Blockchain to efficiently manage the operations of the fishery supply chain in a manner that is decentralized, transparent, traceable, secure, private, and trustworthy. This solution can be found at the end of the paper. To automate the procedures involved in the fishery supply chain, we present the architecture of the proposed solution and suggest five smart contracts. We present ten different algorithms, along with comprehensive details regarding their implementation, testing, and validation. In order to demonstrate that the proposed solution is trustworthy as well as secure, we perform a security analysis on it. In order to demonstrate the usefulness and originality of our solution, we contrast it with other Blockchain-based and non-Blockchain-based systems already on the market. We will make the code for the smart contract available to the public on GitHub.

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